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White Claw launches new natural lime flavour to its expanding Surge range

White Claw launches lime flavour to Surge range.

White Claw is making waves in Australia this summer with a new flavour bomb to add to its popular White Claw SURGE range – Natural Lime.

The launch of White Claw SURGE Natural Lime caters to growing consumer preference for citrus profiles, with lemon/lime ranked as the #1 ranked flavour in the light RTD category.

Best served ice cold out of the fridge or esky, White Claw SURGE Natural Lime is crafted with sparkling water, alcohol, and a zing of zesty lime flavour, to deliver a new surge of pure refreshment, a hard seltzer like no other. Perfect for summer afternoons catching golden hour at rooftop bars and jamming at local gigs.

The Natural Lime flavour expands the White Claw SURGE Australian offering after launching in November 2022 with popular US flavour, Blackberry.

Australia was first country outside North America to launch White Claw SURGE range as it continues to grow in popularity with the White Claw SURGE range ranked the #1 high ABV seltzer globally worth over US$198M in the USA alone*.

White Claw Surge Lime will be available at Aussie bottle stores and bars.

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