Adding up the true cost of your homemade conveyor belt cleaner

It’s no secret that food manufacturing is an inherently messy business, particularly in the area of keeping conveyor lines clean and free of product carryback. Carryback occurs when material transported along conveyor belts adheres to the underside of the belt instead of being cleaned off or released. When not managed appropriately, the risks

of carryback can be measured in immediate terms that include loss of product, excessive downtime and cleanup costs. Over the long term, it can
lead to even more costly issues, such as product contamination, or sizable nes resulting from regulatory noncompliance.

All of these issues ultimately translate into lost revenue, which can impact your ability to effectively compete in a tight market.

Many food manufacturers choose to mitigate their carryback issues with homemade belt cleaners, assuming they’re in the best position to contrive a cleaner that will conform perfectly to their conveyor system. Such assumptions, however, can be misguided.