Preventing spillage in food and chemical environments

Highly effective protection plug to minimise external spillage and internal contamination in all areas requiring FDA approved materials for industrial and commercial usage. 

STAUFF is pleased to present the FOODLINE “White” Service plug for prevention of spillage when handling food and chemicals.

The working principle is based on the STAUFF Industrial “Yellow” Service plug which provides protection in industrial environments, the FOODLINE is made from a rubber compound made and intended for repeated use approved by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration, USA. Typical applications include process and chemical factory e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Bakery, brewery, hotels kitchens, Café, bar, restaurant and any other application where food is being handled or processed.

In addition, they are suitable also for use for both service and storage preventing contaminants from entering the system, tanks, and pipework or hose lines during repairs or disconnection.

The FOODLINE “White” Service plug is a solid shaped plug made of high quality durable rubber, resistant to alcohol or other washing liquids, temperature rated between -25 C to +90 C  for non-pressurised systems and suitable for reuse. Available in sizes from 1 mm up to 130 mm diameter, the range of each plug allows it to be inserted between a minimum to a maximum pipe size.  Five individual plug sizes are available, MICRO: 1-10 mm, STD: 5-22 mm, XL: 13-42 mm, INDUSTRIAL: 35-80 mm, INDUSTRIAL: 60-130 mm, with a MIX box blister pack version available combining the MICRO, STD & XL sizes.

The conical lightweight design enables a fast flexible “grab and seal” installation which means – no tools required – to plug.  This ensures a clean work-space in safety-critical areas.

Manufactured for STAUFF by YELLOC International AB-Sweden.

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