Manage your workforce’s time and attendance efficiently

Are you struggling to manage your workforce and their needs? Our essential guide to choosing the right time & attendance system for you gives even the largest and most complex organisations the tools needed to ensure full workforce visibility, productivity and compliance.

Did you know:

  •  On average, employees lose 6.6 days of annual leave a year due to not tracking
  • Time and Attendance tracking makes payroll processes 70% faster
  • Business can save up to 4% of their payroll costs by automating time and attendance
  • Businesses have found clocking-in-time has decreased by 80%by using a Time and Attendance solution.

This essential guide includes:

  •  Discerning what your organization needs
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
    How to identify your return on investment

Download your free guide now and discover how the right Time and Attendance system can benefit you, your employees and your business’ bottom line.