Wholegrain goodness in every box

From January 26, wholegrain goodness is guaranteed in every box and every bowl of Uncle Tobys cereal.

According to the company, wholegrains have long been recognised for their many health benefits, and the introduction of the Wholegrain Guarantee on all Uncle Tobys cereal packs demonstrates a commitment to providing consumers straightforward nutrition guidance and a simple signpost to a breakfast containing wholegrain goodness.

Whilst the wholegrain content of each product varies, consumers can be reassured that all cereal products will contain at least 8g of wholegrain goodness per serve.

Australia’s leading independent nutrition advisor for grain foods GoGrains, recommends adults consume 48g of wholegrain a day, and one serve of Uncle Tobys Oats contains 30g of wholegrain.

Uncle Tobys brands include Uncle Tobys Oats, Oat Brits, Plus, Vita Brits and Oat Crisp.

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