Why the demand for zero alcohol drinks is overflowing


Endeavour Group has observed a continually strong demand in zero alcohol drinks across its Dan Murphy’s and BWS brands, with sales growing by 150 per cent over the last 24 months. 

With 329 different products now on offer, zero alcohol beverages are one of Endeavour Group’s fastest growing categories. 

“We think it is great that more Australians are embracing drinking less and better, which is why we want to lean in and support this trend,” Endeavour Group director Buying & Merchandise Tim Carroll said. 

During July, sales of zero alcohol products typically double at BWS and Dan Murphy’s. 

“The majority of customers first discover the great quality of the new wave of zero alcohol when trying them for specific occasions, such as Dry July, mid-week drinks or if they are the designated driver,” Carroll said. 

“Once they have tried them, they keep coming back for more – which is why we keep seeing consistent sales all year round.” 


The trend is also becoming more popular in pubs. Endeavour Group’s hospitality arm ALH Group has seen an over 130 per cent increase in demand in the last 12 months across its 340+ venues. Zero alcohol beers are patrons’ most popular choice. 

According to the Australian social change organisation, DrinkWise, the growing zero alcohol movement is a positive sign.  

“The increasing popularity of zero alcohol products is a positive sign that Australian consumers are making active decisions to cut back on their alcohol consumption,” DrinkWise CEO Simon Strahan said. 

“It’s no longer just the choice for designated drivers either, with consumers opting for zero alcohol options to suit a range of lifestyle choices.” 

Endeavour Group is committed to offering the widest zero alcohol range across its network.  

“Our purpose across Endeavour Group is to create a more sociable future together – whether that’s bringing locals together at the pub, or helping customers celebrate special occasions,” Caroll said. 

“And what we are seeing is that customers are increasingly asking for zero alcohol options for those occasions, which is why we want to lead in this space.” 

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