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Wilderbean – pasta alternative made from chickpeas

Melbourne-based start-up Wilderbean announces two Australian firsts – the launch of its 100 per cent Australian grown Chickpea Pasta and its high protein, all natural and vegan Chickpea Mac & Cheeze. Wilderbean is recreating everyone’s favourite pantry staples using Australian grown legumes, to make them as nutritious as they are delicious, keeping taste and the sustainability of their products at the centre of their business.
Just two ingredients
While Wilderbean pasta tastes just like regular pasta, holds its shape and texture, and cooks al dente, it is powerfully different compared to durum wheat pasta. Made from only two Australian grown legumes, chickpeas and mung beans, Wilderbean pasta packs a nutritional punch. It has twice the protein and three times the fibre of regular wheat pasta while being reduced in carbohydrates and gluten free.

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