Will Coke’s new green range get a run in Oz?

The local arm of Coca-Cola is remaining tight lipped about any future plans to introduce the drink giant’s new line of soda called ‘Coca-Cola Life’ in the Australian market.

Coke recently debuted 'Life' in Argentina – the first market to trial the new product – which uses a blend of sugar and stevia extract, which it says cuts a 200ml serving down to 36 calories with "naturally sweetening" ingredients.

The product features a green label, with Coke claiming the bottle is made from 30 percent plant material and is fully recyclable.

The marketing campaign Coke has employed is full of “green” imagery, and eco-friendly packaging to offer customers a healthier alternative.

Coke has recently embarked on a global strategy spruiking its drinks as being part of a healthy lifestyle while causing minimal environmental impact.

Last month, Coke launched a new campaign here that it said was part of its commitment to taking further action in Australia to help be part of the solution to obesity.

When contacted about the possibility of Coca-Cola Life hitting shelves in Australia in the near future, a spokesperson for Coke said "As you know we recently announced our commitments to help address in obesity in Australia and we are working on delivering against these commitments. We have no further announcements to make at this time".

Although the new Coke product is yet to get a release date in other markets, the launch in Argentina has been compared with the 2006 debut of Coca-Cola Zero, which was first introduced in Australia and later sold elsewhere, going to become a huge success story for the company. 

The Australian launch of Zero has since been used as a benchmark for the roll out of the brand in other countries, and was recognised by The Coca-Cola Company, with a global marketing award for best new product launch.


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