Will Julius seize the coffee market?

Belaroma Coffee Roasting Company have announced the introduction of a new premium blend – Julius – that reflects the growing sophisticated tastes of Australian coffee drinkers.

Julius was created over an eighteen month period in consultation with key café customers and coffee connoisseurs.

According to the company, the blend is sourced from a selection of the world’s finest coffee beans has a subtlety and finesse with an underlying strength of flavour and aroma, perfect for the coffee lovers.

Establishing and operating a successful coffee business involves hard work and dedication. Securing loyal customers and developing a good reputation requires constant delivery of outstanding coffee and customer service, and selecting a coffee supplier who understands the nature of the café or restaurant business, is essential.

Belaroma Coffee Roasting Company managing director, Andy Simkin, said that “we are very pleased with the new blend Julius, after spending considerable time in development. Julius represents the demand for increasing coffee quality and selective taste. Many of our café customers have welcomed the new premium edition.”

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