Wine by-product offers hope to starving cattle

Tarac Technologies, a wine industry processor in Griffith, Southern NSW has produced surplus grape marc which could be used to provide emergency feed for cattle.

The company has produced 42,000 tonnes of grape marc – the remaining skins and seeds of wine grapes after they have been pressed- which they are offering free of charge to cattle producers ABC Rural reports.

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) president, Peter Tuohey believes that farmers should take advantage of the supplementary feed.

"Particularly the farmers in the south-west, they're really struggling to find hay supplies and it is really expensive and the other problem they have is the cartage bill they have to wherever they get it from costs them quite a bit of money," said Tuohey.

"So this will hopefully spread the ration a bit further and maintain their stock."

The VFF is planning to approach the Victorian Government requesting it to cover up to half of the costs required in transporting the feed from the distillery to Victorian farms, which are estimated to cost around $60 to $70 per tonne.


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