Wine industry backs Fosters in Coles, Woolworths beer price war

The wine industry has said it supports Fosters’ battle with supermarket chains over beer price cuts.

Last week, Fosters halted its supplies to Coles and Woolworths after learning the supermarkets were going to sell their top-selling brands such as VB for at significantly discounted prices.

Stephen Strachan, of the Winemakers Federation, said the move by Fosters was unlikely to change the minds of the big chains.

"In the case of wine, there [are] a couple of thousand brand owners in the marketplace, so no brand owner has any real influence in the marketplace," he told ABC News Online.

"So it’s a very, very different proposition, and that’s why from the wine industry’s perspective, it doesn’t matter how big you are, your ability to influence the retailer is very, very limited."

Image: unitedpackageliquors.com

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