Wine industry called on Aussies to be patriotic this Australia Day

While Australians are already quite patriotic in their drinking habits, Wine Australia used the Australia Day long weekend as an opportunity to encourage support for locally produced drops.

While Australians are already quite patriotic in their drinking habits (sales of domestically produced wine is at 79.3 percent of total wine sold in Australia), locally produced wine sales have decreased 5.6 percent from the same period in 2009.

Wine Australia regional director, Aaron Brasher said "The Aussie dollar has played favourably into the hands of imported wines, making them attractively price competitive, and we are tackling this challenge by increasing the visibility of Australian wine in the local market whereas traditionally Wine Australia has had an export market focus.

"People can start small, so just as you wouldn’t put an imported lamb chop on the barbie, we should apply the same rule to our wine on our national day," he said.

To help inspire people during both the Australia Day long weekend celebrations and throughout summer, Wine Australia partnered with Tourism Australia to showcase some top local wines, wineries and wine destinations as part of the ‘12 Wines of Summer’ promotion.

'Aussie Wine Month' which will be held throughout April, will also promote local drops. Now in its second year, the event showcases Australian wines at events across the country, profiling wine makers and telling the stories of vineyards and wine labels are cellar door visits and long lunches.

Australia Day always sees the promotion of local produce, with Sam Kekovich releasing his annual ad with MLA, encouraging Australians to eat lamb over the long weekend. 

Controversial businessman and entrepreneur Dick Smith stayed true to form, causing a stir with the release of a lengthy TV commercial which spruiks his Aussie products and is littered with sexual innuendo.


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