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WOA’s Lupin protein included in Australian consumer product

Wide Open Agriculture announced it has successfully integrated its lupin protein into the Australian baked goods market.

WOA recently announced the successful integration of its Buntine Protein into an Australian consumer product.  This represents the first 3rd party commercial application of Buntine Protein.

The newly launched product is the CHONK cookies in Western Australia.

CHONK vegan cookies uses WOA’s Buntine Protein to create a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and soy-free treat that is that addresses taste and dietary needs.

“We are immensely proud to witness the debut of Buntine Protein in the consumer market, a great result from our team’s dedication and the innovative spirit of Wide Open Agriculture,” said WOA chief executive officer Matthew Skinner.

WOA announced the cookies are available for sale in Western Australia’ and represent a new venture into the vegan snack market.

“These are not just product launches; they are a great leap forward in our mission to deliver sustainable and health-focused food solutions to the global market. We are excited to see how these products will resonate with consumers and pave the way for further innovations,” said Skinner.

WOA stated the launch of these products demonstrates the functional and commercial viability of lupin protein.

CHONK cookies is a brand from West Australian based Noshing, a leading vegan food manufacturer in Western Australia.

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