Woolworths $57m DC upgrade sees faster food deliveries for South Australia

Last week Woolworths completed its $57 million investment into the expansion of the Adelaide Regional Distribution Centre (DC). This change means Woolworths’s customers will receive their groceries at a much faster and frequent rate.

The announcement was made on the 10 of March by Primary Connect, the supply chain and logistics branch of the Woolworths group. This was done alongside Steven Marshall, South Australia’s premier and Clair Boan, mayor of Port-Adelaide Enfield.

Paul Graham, Woolworths Group’s Primary Connect managing director said, “With this $57m upgrade, we’re better placed than ever to support the essential food and grocery needs of South Australians.”

This expansion sees DC’s footprint grow by 30 per cent, becoming equivalent in size to four Adelaide Ovals (94, 000 sqm). This increased space means DC can process a higher volume and wider range of products.

“The extra capacity at the site will allow us to hold even more key essentials such as pasta, noodles, breakfast cereals and baby food in South Australia. This will shorten delivery lead times on thousands of products across the state – allowing us to better respond to any future surge in demand,” said Graham.

According to Graham, the new DC expansion will be powered, in part, by renewable solar energy. It will have a 1.6MVA solar array made up 3,500 panels, offsetting about 20 per cent of DC’s annual energy needs. To date, this is Primary Connects largest solar installation within their network.

“As the operators of Australia’s largest retail supply chain, we want to help build a better tomorrow for generations to come,” said Graham.

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