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Woolworths launches new Fairy Bread Hot Cross Bun

Woolworths has launched a brand new Fairy Bread Hot Cross Bun which has hit Woolworths Supermarkets and Metro stores nationwide.

Woolworths has launched a brand new Fairy Bread Hot Cross Bun, which is now available across Woolworths Supermarkets and Metro stores nationwide.

An iconic staple at Australian kids’ parties, Woolworths customers now can enjoy Fairy Bread on a Hot Cross Bun, bringing the magic and nostalgia to homes across the country.

Each Fairy Bread Hot Cross Bun comes with a packet of hundreds and thousands, so that customers can butter and sprinkle to their liking, just like traditional Fairy Bread.

Also returning to stores today, Woolworths is once again partnering with Cadbury to bring back the indulgent Cadbury Caramilk Hot Cross Bun, consistently popular with customers since its launch in 2021.

Donald Keith, Woolworths hot cross bun expert and bakery merchandise manager said, “this week we’ve come out all buns glazing with the launch of our new Fairy Bread Hot Cross Bun, and return of our Cadbury Caramilk Hot Cross Buns, a customer favourite.

“Our team has had some fun turning back time in developing new varieties for our hot cross bun loving customers, with one more surprise still in store later in the season.

“Each and every year our customers show that it’s never too early for hot cross buns and we expect to sell around 1.8 million buns in this first week alone.”

The Fairy Bread and Cadbury Caramilk Hot Cross Buns are in stores for only a limited time and customers can enjoy a four-pack for $5.00.

In addition to the new and special flavours, Woolworths’ wider Hot Cross Bun range, including the highly rated and award-winning traditional fruit bun, which has launched across stores nationwide. The traditional fruit bun (6-pack), fruitless (6-pack) and mini fruit (9-pack) buns are $4.00 per pack.

Making a return to the Indulgent range is the popular Apple Cinnamon flavour, made with 100% Australian sourced Pink Lady apples which can be picked up for $4.00, or $1 each.

Back by customer demand, Woolworths will once again partner with Mondelez to use Cadbury chocolate in the Indulgent and Brioche ranges.

The decadent Brioche Cadbury Chocolate six-pack ($5.00) and Indulgent Chocolate 6-pack ($4.00) will feature smooth and creamy Cadbury chocolate chips.

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