Workshop: packaging & shelf life

A workshop on polymer packaging and shelf life in Melbourne on November 14th-15th 2007 will be lead by Dr Gordon Robertson, FAIP, in association with the Australian Institute of Packaging.

Decisions about which polymer to chose or what the effect on shelf life will be if a change is made in package dimensions or polymer type are often based on trial and error or intuition.

This course is an attempt to fill that gap with respect to plastics packaging by discussing the basic principles behind polymer selection, deteriorative reactions in foods and shelf life.

The workshop will provide attendees the opportunity to construct connections between food chemistry, packaging design and polymer science to expand their knowledge base and competence.

Participants will identify key packaging decision-making processes and will validate their new knowledge to reframe package challenges and make winning food packaging decisions.

Learning objectives

  • To understand the properties of the key plastics polymers available for food packaging;
  • To comprehend the major plastics processing methods;
  • To appreciate the key deteriorative reactions which determine end of shelf life;
  • To solve food packaging challenges in package design and plastics material selection;
  • To justify and appraise package design and plastics material selections as related to shelf life.


Melbourne: 14th-15th November

Medina Executive Flinders Street

88 Flinders Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000

Dr. Gordon L. Robertson, FAIP, was Foundation Professor of Packaging Technology at Massey University where he taught food packaging courses for 21 years. He then spent 11 years with Tetra Pak in Asia. Now he is an adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland and a consultant in food packaging based in Brisbane, Australia. Dr Robertson is the author of the definitive textbook on food packaging, the 2nd edition of which was published last year by CRC Press.

For further details and a registration form please contact Dr Robertson directly.


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