Worksmith introduces grada coffee + spirit: the first single-farm hot brewed coffee spirit

Worksmith, a leading force behind beverage innovation and hospitality in Australia, is set to unveil its most anticipated creation yet: Grada Coffee + Spirit.

Made with a base of single-farm hot brewed coffee that is fortified with Australian grain spirit, this coffee-first liquid sits as a premium sippable liqueur but can be shaken over ice.

Grada’s story is grounded with Worksmith’s hospitality staff, who have been in deep R&D for the past two years, developing exceptional batched cocktails for venues.

While perfecting and refining recipes, they also run a small coffee company, Stella, that sources green beans from unique producers around the world and roasts them in Melbourne.

With great beans, led by Tim Varney, Stella’s founder, and a unique grasp on flavour in booze, led by Darren Leaney, the team began work on a coffee-first Espresso Martini that puts single producers at the heart of the liquid.

What sounded easy enough turned into an 18-month journey with plenty of versions discarded along the way.
Now ready to share, Grada’s real distinction is the proprietary hot-extraction technique perfected by Tim and Darren.

This technique ensures an extraction that cold brew can’t, giving you a product with lifted more complex flavours and, oh-so-importantly, giving the Espresso Martini that beautiful frothy head.

Leaney says, “Grada is a liquid we are incredibly proud to have created. It’s complex, innovative and most importantly, delicious.”

“Looking to the past, present and future for inspiration and techniques allowed us to create a liquid that belies the complexity of incredible single-farm coffee. A coffee liqueur that’s led by coffee and also doubles as an Espresso Martini; what’s not to love?”

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