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World Alcohol-Free Awards announces 2024 winners

The world’s largest alcohol-free drinks competition has sorted through its hundreds of non-alcoholic products to announce its medal winners for 2024.

The World Alcohol-Free Awards focuses on products with alcohol levels of 0.5% ABV or below.

Non-alcoholic products, from wines, spirits and beers to kombuchas, aperitifs and cocktails were judged by a panel of tasters in London earlier this month, and the results have now been revealed.

This year 450 entries were received from 21 countries and judged by non-alcoholic specialist tasters from seven different countries across Europe, North America and the UK.

Competition co-Founder  and director Chris Losh said, “It’s been really heartening to see the support for this competition from producers all round the world. Alcohol-free is a huge global trend and we’re excited to be able to reflect that.”

Each medal-winning entry was tasted up to 12 times by the judges, who awarded a total of 58 Golds, 87 Silvers, and 110 Bronze medals.

Medals will start to appear on the bottles and websites of the 2023 winners from May 2024, and the final round of judging to determine the 2024 trophies will take place over the next month with the winners being announced on May 15.

The Gold medal-winning drinks will be showcased at this year’s London Wine Fair at Olympia, London from May 20 to 22.

Among the categories that most excited  judges this year were vermouth, aperitifs and wine-alternatives.

There was also a significant growth in genuinely unique products with no alcoholic counterpart.

Former Michelin-starred drinks buyer, non-alcoholic specialist and co-founder Chrissie Parkinson said the space is experiencing increases in quality and complexity.

“We’re seeing a real growth in quality and complexity from the best producers in this space now, particularly in wine.

It’s a category where producers really can’t stand still if they want to be the best. In fact, across the whole AF sector, drinks that might have been considered exceptional even two or three years ago are now often being surpassed by exciting new versions,” she said.

The judging took place on 3rd and 4th March in London.

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