World food prices rise in February… Plus more food news from around the world

Food news from around the world…


World food prices rise in February
World food prices rose over two percent during February to reach record levels according to the United Nations. SkyNews.com.au

Home-grown stevia crop hits US market
Sweet Green Fields (SGF) has announced its first successful, commercial harvest of stevia grown in the US, which it claims can compete effectively on cost with China. Foodnavigator-usa.com

EU legislators must reach cloned animals compromise by end March
With EU institutions facing a ‘guillotine’ at the end of March regarding the conciliation process on the Novel Foods Regulation, food from cloned animals and their descendants now constitutes the main obstacle to progress. FoodQualitynews.com

China mulls bisphenol A ban in baby bottles
China is considering banning the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in polycarbonate baby bottles, according to state-run media. Foodnavigator-usa.com

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