Would you try a bacon milkshake?

American fast food chain Jack in the Box has launched a bacon flavoured milkshake, but with very little fanfare.

The shake is not advertised by the company using traditional media and is not listed on menus at outlets.

In a YouTube video, a customer orders the drink after hearing about it through friends and online media, while the attendant tells him the company is experimenting with advertising by only using social media and word of mouth to generate interest in the drink.

In another, a man describes the drink as “something you’re not truly going to appreciate it unless you get one for yourself.”

The drink is available in regular and large (the small is a regular, as the attendant tells the first customer) and while it is bacon flavoured, it does not actually contain any real bacon, making it vegetarian.

A regular size contains 773 calories, (3246.6 kilojoules) and 40 grams of fat, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) the strange drink is not available in Australia.

Would you try a bacon milkshake?



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