XXXX workers striking: Xmas bonuses should not depend on behaviour

Brewery workers at one of Australia’s most iconic brands, XXXX, will strike this Christmas over a management announcement that future bonuses will depend on “good behaviour.”

Over 100 employees at the company’s Milton brewery in Brisbane were offended by the move to add a behavioural clause to the performance reviews that determine end of year bonuses.

Union for the workers, United Voice said the changes by XXXX brand owner Lion Nathan were unfair and disrespectful to workers, who should not be individually judged in addition to being assessed on their team work.

"It’s outrageous that management’s value judgments about character could put a worker’s income at risk," United Voice state secretary Gary Bullock said.

"These workers are so angry at management’s attitude that they have endorsed a range of actions including 48-hour stoppages at XXXX’s Milton operations in the lead-up to Christmas."

The working environment at the Milton brewery can be dangerous and difficult at times, Bullock said in defence of the workers.

A spokesperson for Lion Nathan says the company has made a fair offer and is willing to negotiate further with the union.

"We believe we have put a very fair offer on the table despite difficult economic circumstances and we hope the union will come back to the table so we can continue to negotiate in good faith," the spokesperson told AAP.

Three one hour stoppages will occur on Thursday but customers concerned about their Christmas beer supply needn’t worry, as Lion Nathan has assured the stop work meetings will not affect beer sales.

"We have ample stock available and we are continuing to produce and fulfill orders throughout the industrial action," the spokesperson said.

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