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Young Henrys unveil their new Brewers B- Side

Young Henrys unveil their new Brewers B- Side

Newtown brewers and distillers, Young Henrys have launched its latest Brewers B-Side, the Phantasmic Mr Hops, an experimental IPA which will join their stacked beer roster.

A Young Henrys take on a trendy cinematic classic, Phantasmic Mr Hops is a seven per cent experimental IPA utilising an innovative new flavour-producing compound named Phantasm.

A powder derived from New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grapes, Phantasm is your taste ticket to tropical beer land. The organic compound increases the production of thiols, which are the aroma-active ingredients responsible for jacking up the fruity and juicy flavours in your beer.

From the experts in stepping outside the lines and venturing into the world of the unknown, Young Henrys’ Phantasmic Mr Hops combines Phantasm with a healthy dose of hops, including Simcoe Cryo, Sabro and Taiheke, and two experimental US hops (HBC 1019 and HBC 586).

The result is a flavour sensation, drawing waves of caramelised coconut, sautéed pineapple and vacation citrus in every sip before giving way to a creamy luxurious body and mouthfeel.

“We hadn’t done a B-Side in a while, so the Brew Crew wanted to make this one super special. We used ingredients and processes that we had never tried before – from the malt to the hops, the yeast, the process aids, and the brewing processes themselves – almost everything was a first,” said Jesse Searls, Young Henrys head brewer.

“This beer is different from any in our core range but still stands up as moreish and balanced. We hope everyone enjoys drinking it as much as we did making it!”

The beer cleverly pays homage to the Wes Anderson film “Fantastic Mr Fox” with its name, “Phantasmic Mr Hops”.

Young Henrys takes pride in using fine ingredients and processes to create exceptional brews, and just like Mr Fox, who cunningly acquires fine ingredients and alcoholic beverages, this beer embodies that adventurous spirit.

Joining their Brewers B-Side range, the alternative tracks to their hit singles which include limited bangers like Wattle They Think Of Next, Dark Sour of the Moon, From Where You’d Guava Be and more.

Phantasmic Mr Hops is available in bottle shops nationally in singles, four-packs and cases.

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