Yummia: Bircher Muesli & Breakfast Trio

Product name: Yummia: Bircher Muesli & Breakfast Trio

Product manufacturer: Yummia

Ingredients: rolled oats, natural yoghurt, fresh and dried fruits.

Shelf life: Fresh 2 weeks, and can be frozen for up to 6 months

Packaging: Individual portion size packs in tamper evident containers, with a carbon neutral cardboard wrap and spoon included.

Product manager: Mia McCarthy

Brand website: http://www.yummia.com.au

Describe the product
Yummia is an industry leader in yummy and convenient breakfast products. All products come ready made, suitable for immediate sale and consumption. Yummia offers two distinctive and innovative product lines; bircher muesli and breakfast trio.

BIRCHER MUESLI – A traditional bircher muesli product with a twist. Already pre-made for convenience. LOW GI rolled oats, pre-soaked in fresh fruit and lush natural yoghurt. We do not soak our product in juice. NO ADDED SUGAR, ALL NATURAL.

BREAKFAST TRIO – An exciting and innovative product exclusive to YUMMIA. A triple layered product consisting of an oaty, almond base, with fresh fruit and natural jelly topped off with natural yoghurt. An exciting new mouthful with each bite! NO ADDED SUGAR, ALL NATURAL.