ZigBee isolated digital I/O module with 300m transmission range

ICP Electronics Australia hasd introduce ICP DAS’ new tZT-P4C4 wireless 4-CH isolated digital input and 4-CH isolated digital output module.

The tZT-P4C4 provides four channels for digital input and four channels for digital output, each of which features photocoupler isolation. It supports sink-type output with protection against short-circuiting, and source-type input. All input channels can be used as 16-bit counters. Further, there are options for configuring power-on and safe digital output values, with 4kV ESD protection and 3750 VDC intra-module isolation also provided.

The series has the advantage of both low cost and low power consumption of the ZigBee modules. They have the capability for wireless communication up to 300m (LOS) standard transmission distance. Coupled with the tZT’s dynamic mesh network, users can catch DIO data in difficult-to-wire environments.

Key features include:

  • ISM 2.4 GHz operating frequency
  • Fully compliant with 2.4G IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee 2007 pro specifications
  • Wireless transmission range up to 300m
  • Adjustable RF transmission output power
  • GUI configuration software (Windows version)
  • Supports AES-128 encryption for the wireless communication (passive)
  • Supports ZigBee repeater function
  • 4x digital input channels, 4x digital output channels
  • All digital input channels can be used as 16-bit counters
  • Sink-type digital output channels with overload protection
  • Surge and ESD protection
  • Configurable power-on value and safe value settings
  • DIN-Rail mountable
  • Supports RF channel 16-segment setting


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