Zip it up to pack it in

As the largest supplier of flexible packaging in Australasia, Aperio produces innovative packaging solutions for food, beverage and other consumables, as well as a broad range of industrial packaging requirements.

Aperio has a strong focus on the fast moving consumer goods market, supplying packaging solutions for some top household names. The company’s packaging can be found in every aisle of the supermarket – keeping coffee beans fresh on the shelf, wrapping chocolate bars, and sealing in sauces.

Aperio Flexipac specialises in printing, laminating and converting a variety of different substrates into a large range of products; with reel-stock, preformed bags and pouches, including those with re-sealable and easy open systems. It is this investment in leading edge technology and alignment with innovative suppliers such as Zip-Pak which enable Aperio to constantly develop new packaging systems and solutions for its customers.

Key reasons consumers prefer zippered products are the ease of opening and access to the contents of the package, and secure closing to protect product freshness.

Zip-Pak re-sealable technology aims to enhance convenience and enable freshness, eliminating the need for consumers to transfer package contents into separate containers for proper storage. According to the company, brand owners benefit from the packaging which stays in front of the consumer throughout its use, maximising marketing impact.

Aperio NZ general manager of sales and marketing, Andreas Haussrer, has said that flexible packaging is now the fastest growing packaging medium. “There is a lot of growth in this field around convenience, grab and go type products, in packaging that is easy to open and close, that is microwavable and offers portion control.”

Flexible pouches are one of the biggest packaging developments in recent years. They offer greater design options as they can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and formats and can be printed all over, enhancing overall presentation.

Given this trend, Aperio is constantly improving its pouches and has recently developed and commercialised a Zippered Quad style bag. This pouch format is growing in popularity internationally as it provides a means to maximise a products differentiation by its package design. The bag’s design of side gussets maximises shelf space and the re-sealable zip feature, supplied by Zip-Pak provides additional convenience to the consumer.

Kim Gormack is the new business development coordinator for Aperio.

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