Australian Institute of Packing introduces Accessible Packaging Design

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), in conjunction with Arthritis Australia and Georgia Tech Research University in the US, will be introducing a new half-day training course on 'Introduction to Accessible Packaging Design.

The half-day training will allow attendees to become aware of the required design requirements and understanding the Ease of Use packaging design tools which including examples from around the world.

It will also provide information on changing household demographics, meal preparation requirements and case studies from users.

Attendees will learn measuring techniques, injuries caused by packaging and current consumer satisfaction levels with packaging accessibility.

The course offers an activities based approach, hands-on team exercises letting participants understand the constraints on current packaging designs for people with disabilities, arthritis suffers, children and the ageing population.

This will include simulation gloves that have been developed by Georgia Tech Research University in the US and reading glasses from a UK researcher.

Attendees are sure to leave the course with a different approach to design, an approach that includes all sectors for our community.

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