Tribal Breweries growing with Thai joint venture and local craft beer acquitsion

Tribe Breweries has announced a marked growth in its branded portfolio. Expanding into the international craft beer market, a joint venture has been established with local Thai partners BB&B, to create a new beer brand – Chao Siam, whilst locally, the company has acquired leading gluten free craft beer brand Wilde Gluten Free.

Through Tribe’s partnership with BB&B, the company has created a nationally distributed Thai beer with a range that has been specifically developed for the local Thai market, including a Wit Bier and an IPA. BB&B are one of the oldest and largest Thai premium alcohol importers and distributors.  Tribe has been able to tap into their market expertise and vast distribution channels.

Stefan Szpitalak, Head of International Markets and Co-Founder of Tribe Breweries says, “Working with local artisans to create great brews that speak directly to their audience is what Tribe is all about. Branching out of the Australian market with new brands and sharing our craft beer journey throughout South East Asia is an exciting milestone for us.”

Of the creation of Chao Siam, Tribe and BB&B engaged with local Thai University students to help create the brand, making Chao Siam a truly unique Thai-Australian collaboration.

Pongchalem of BB&B says, “Chao Siam means ‘Thai People’, and with so many foreign brands in our market place, we are so proud to work on a project that has been created for and with our people.”

Thai drinkers in many ways are just beginning their craft beer journey, and Tribe’s partnership will enable them to shape the Thai craft beer market.

Stefan continues, “I grew up in Thailand and then went on to spread my time equally there and in Australia. I spent years exploring the vast culture, even becoming a monk as a rite of passage. My personal connection to Thailand is very meaningful to me and our company. Seeing this project come to fruition has been a dream of mine ever since we launched Tribe Breweries.”

With the founders of Tribe Breweries having a deep history and personal association with Asia, the team are looking to increase their footprint in key Asian markets and help forge craft beer penetration in the region. Tribe are already achieving their international expansion plans, with a strong export presence that has grown 500% in 1 year. They currently export to Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and South Korea, with Vietnam and half a dozen additional markets to be online by the end of CY18.

Expanding their branded portfolio and building upon their current success, Tribe Breweries has also announced their acquisition of nationally distributed Wilde Gluten Free. Over 5 years ago, founders of Wilde, Chris and Narelle Gordon, developed a gluten free recipe with Tribe’s team. Since then, Tribe has helped them grow exponentially to become one of the top gluten free beers in Australia.

Tribe has acquired Wilde to elevate the brand’s positioning and presence in the market. They will continue to make Wilde at the Smeaton Grange facility and hope to grow the distribution of the brand both nationally, through their strong relationships with independents and other retailers, and internationally through its channels and export track to the Asian market.


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